Thursday, 18 October 2012


There I was, basking in the glory of being a best selling author in Paris, when BANG I'm asked to do something on the computer that - to me - and several other authors - finds impossible.   I need someone to tell me how on earth you send a file with both script and photographs as an email - not as an attachment, but with the file in the body of the email itself.   If any of you out there has a suggestion, I would be very grateful.   I've already spent eighteen hours messing about, getting dubious and often wrong advice, and tearing my hair out.   And actually, all I want to do is write my next book!

Bonjour La France - in the rain!

Hi there, I know it has been a while, but I've been rather busy as you will see.
Now I'm writing as Ellie Dean it means I must write three books a year - and none of them are small affairs - I like to write big, sweeping stories, and of course with research etc., these take a while.   But, hey, I'm not complaining.   People seem to like what I do, and in these difficult times I count myself as very fortunate indeed to be offered another four book deal by Arrow.
Having finished Where the Heart Lies (Ellie Dean), I have just completed Firestorm, (Tamara Mckinley) and then it was off to gay Pareee for a long weekend.   Although Paris was at the end of the signing trip, I first went to Le Mans for the 25 hour salon du livre - or to those who don't have much French - like me - a book festival.
It rained.   Absolutely fell down like stair-rods.   But that didn't deter the hardy French who turned up to the festival in their thousands.   All generations, including babes in arms, pushchairs and back-packs, and all avid readers.   It was a great festival, the theme this year being Oceanna, so there were Aboriginal artifacts on show, Polynesian dancers and singers, writers, poets, cartoonists, rap poets - I could go on, but you get the general idea.
Luckily I had a fellow Aussie next to me at our signing table, Chris Wormersley, and thank goodness for that.   Our French was just about understandable, but it was much less stressful to be able to natter away in English - or 'Strain'!   But the organisers treated us brilliantly, with food and wine and coffee so strong you could stand a spoon up in it!
Then it was off to Paris.   In the rain.   Lugging my suitcase up flights of stairs, escalators and over kerbs and cobbles.   It was at this point I wished him indoors had come too - husbands can be very useful when one has a heavy case.   The hotel was very grand, right in the heart of Paris, with views over the rooftops to the Eiffel Tower which glittered and shimmered against the skyline.   Beautiful - but too knackered to do much on arrival, so had a gin and tonic, a long bath and then a good night's sleep.
I came back late to find him indoors waiting for me to drive me home.   He admitted that he'd made the bed that morning - for the first time in four days - and that he'd actually hoovered.   Goodness, whatever next?   He also gave a supper party, having stuffed chicken breasts himself with garlic butter and wrapping them in bacon.   I can see there's a Jamie Oliver lurking in there somewhere.   Perhaps I ought to go away again.

Monday, 28 May 2012

You never know who might be watching....

Just spoke to someone I used to know when I was about eleven or twelve.   This is great, but it does remind me of how ancient I'm getting.
Being an author is an odd thing - I think I've said this before - you go along, stuck in your office minding your own business when you get a letter or an email from someone you've lost contact with.   I was even doing a book signing once when this lady came up to me, and she obviously knew me, and my familiy - but when she told me who she was married to, it all became clear.   Life is funny, isn't it?   But in this age of digital inquisitiveness, it's quite surprising who knows what you're doing!


Summer has arrived and as we swelter in this heatwave, it's almost like being back home in Australia.  Which is good, because I've just finished writing my latest Ellie Dean tiltle, and now must start working on a synopsis for my next Australian based novel.   I'm calling it Firestorm, so the heat will help me to live through it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


To those of you who don't know, THE OCEAN CHILD is now exclusively in English as an e-book and can be downloaded on all that wonderful technical wizzardry.   It's set in Tasmania where I was born, and the cover is a photograph of me on Bluff Beach when I was about 2 or 3.   I hope you enjoy it.


I had a day off yesterday with lunch and drinks sitting in the rare sunshine.   One always has to get out there when the sun shines, it could be our summer, and therefore too precious to miss.   Now it's the next day and I'm in my office again - the sun has gone in, the rain is threatening and I have more work to do than every before.   Three books to be written in one year?   Offspring and husband demanding attention - shopping, cooking etc.,  Yes, I'm having a moan.   But now I've written it down I feel better.  Let me know how you cope when the world seems to want a piece of you and is spinning out of control.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


If you enjoy Tamara McKinley, maybe you'll enjoy Ellie Dean. We are one and the same, but the format is a little different. Ellie Dean is writing about England in WW2, and the stories are set on the south coast in a boarding house called Beach View. There are at least four books in the series, each one following the Reilly family who live at Beach View, and concentrating on the character who has come to live there for the duration of each book. I hope you give them a go, I really love writing them.