Thursday, 20 December 2007

Seasonal Greetings

Hi there, long time no see, but the back is still playing up and him indoors is getting rather fed up with the whole thing. Poor chap has to lift things, hoover and dust - on the orders of my physiotherapist, and generally has to do all the dogsbody stuff I usually cope with at this time of the year. The supermarket has become a wonderland for him, but I do have to watch what goes in that trolley otherwise we'll end up with too much booze and no food!
It's very awkward being out of shape with one hip protruding to the left, the ribcage off to the right and my head telling me that yes, I am upright and straight - but hey, after the first hour in the mornings when the whole mess of muscles in my back decide to go into cramp, I ease up and so do they and I can hobble about. But everything has a silver lining and I am ensconsed on the couch with a large gin and tonic while him indoors sweats over the dinner and falls over the cat. Bluey just loves prawns and turkey and chicken and everytime the fridge door is opened, he's there, waiting hopefully. Him indoors spoils him rotten and I suspect that's the fourth packet of prawns he's smuggled in for Bluey's consumption. No wonder the pair of them are getting so portly!
Anyway, enough wingeing, it's nearly christmas, the tree is sparkling with lights and I've wrapped all the presents. with a house full of family it promises to be a happy one, so I wish you and yours a wonderful time, and I will speak to you in the New Year. With all best wishes for the season, Tamara

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