Monday, 3 March 2008

Some like it Hot

Hi there, so sorry I've been remiss at doing my blog, but life has been hectic, and him indoors whisked me away on a cruise to celebrate a rather significant birthday. Lucky me, it was the perfect excuse to down tools, go shopping for posh frocks and shoes and indulge in fantasies of dancing in the moonlight and being the belle of the ball.
It didn't quite work out like that, the first two night on board it was freezing cold and blowing a gale - as for the moonlight, it was being a great many clouds. But that's what happens when you sail from a wintry New York. New York, Broadway, Manhatten skyline against the rising sun, The Statue of Liberty rising up over the bay in imperious majesty, and the shops, Times Square and the Empire State building. Magic. Not enough time, too many shops, too much of everything to take it all in at once. My feet hurt, him indoors got a pain in the wallet and all in all we had a whale of a time.
Our liner - not a ship, and definitely not a boat according to the Commander, was HUGE! When we docked next to the Oceana - how's that for coincidence - we dwarfed her. But as we prepared to leave BArbados, and the band struck up to get the party going, we sang along with those on the other ship as they waved their flags and saw us off the premises. What a blast - had far too many cocktails, and managed to show myself up by doing belly dancing in my sarong and swimsuit - probably not a pretty sight - in fact I know it wasn't because the photographer on board captured the moment!
So I'm back, A Kingdom for the Brave is due out today in hardback, and it's down to work again on Legacy. But I dream of warm nights and white sand, of moon over water and the gentle rock of the liner that sent me to sleep each night. I like it hot - I just hope summer isn't too far away.

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