Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Back in the Driving Seat

It's amazing isn't it? One bad back, six weeks of agony and a week of steroids and 'im indoors decides he's the blogger, author - general factotem! He even tells you my biggest piece of news before I can get my poor old bottom back in my chair! So now you know about the nomination and the fact that we're off to Australia in August - not really looking forward to the twenty three hours of flying - not with this back - but I wouldn't miss it for the world. And he's right, the art gallery is brilliant in Melbourne, and I can't wait to see McCubbin's Pioneers again. I have a large print of that tryptic on my wall in my lounge-room, and gaze at it frequently. It is so evocative, so beautiful that one feels you could just walk into it and smell the eucalyptus and the woodsmoke.
Enough of all that. I've had my hair cut and it's very short - too short really, but then I did risk a new hairdresser - always scary - and it will grow again. The one good thing about a bad back is that I've had plenty of time to sit in the sun and get a tan. Not politically correct really, but I feel better when I'm bronzed, and like to think I might even look a bit better too. The upshot is I can now wear orange and turquoise, and even yellow - colours not usually worn when pale and uninteresting in the winter.
The cats have settled in - just. We still have punch-ups in the middle of the night with fury felines doing the wall of death around the bedroom and up and down the stairs. But it's fun - some of the time. Tilly has decided she doesn't like the catflap and will only use it if him indoors opens it up and keeps it open with a bit of elastic so she doesn't have to put her nose against it and push her way through. Very lady-like - which is more than I can say about her language. Poor Bluey, he's quite shocked at her swearing, and when she's really wound-up, it is appalling!
Back to bed now. Will write again soon.

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