Thursday, 19 June 2008

Don't get it right, get it written!!!!

The above is an old writing adage which holds true today as it ever did. I find that if I crash through my stories from beginning to end and lay down the skeleton of the tale as quickly as possible, it makes the whole thing far more exciting - to write, and hopefully to read. Legacy is now finished - or at least I thought it was - my agent has decided otherwise and needs me to do a bit of tweaking before it goes off to my editor. Ho, hum, looks like it's work for me over the coming days, it's a good thing the weather forecast is bad and that my back has become accustomed to my typing chair again. It was murder a few weeks ago, couldn't sit, couldn't stand, couldn't even get into bed and lie down without a great deal of drama and being propped up by 'im indoors. He's fast becoming a legend, you know. People are always asking after him - and he's threatened to start up his own blog in competition. I've told him to go ahead - anything's better than him crashing into mine and messing the whole thing up like last time! Lovely he might be, kind certainly, but he's no computer buff, and I always know when he's been experimenting.
Anyway, with Legacy almost under my belt, my thoughts have now turned to what I am going to do next. It's a puzzle, and not an easy one. Should I continue with the Australian historical romances - should I set the new one firmly in England - or should I start it in England and end up in Australia? There seems to be a problem in the UK with books set in Australia - the supermarkets and larger bookshops don't like them - I have no idea why - so consequently, I'm not very well known over here. If I write a book set in England, will that at last see me breaking into the bestseller list here - or will it alienate all my readers who love the books set in Australia. It's a conundrum - and one I have yet to solve. Ideas on a postcard please - or better still, write to me here and let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

Hey girlfriend!
"Don't get it right, get it written!!" Just write something & set it anywhere, your true fans will read your books and love them as you're such a good story teller, wherever your characters find themselves!
Personally, I can recommend Cornwall for a good saga!!
L x

Michelle said...

I have been looking forward for Kingdom of the brave, checking my bookshops everyday!! Then read it in a few days :( Now looking forward to the third book in the trilogy. I must admit I discovered your books by accident as there was not much publicity here in New Zealand of your books, but certainly will be reading any book you write where ever it is set and recommend your books to friends and family, so hopefully will set off a snowball effect of fans in New Zealand. :)

Michelle (No.1 NZ Fan)

Catherine in Canada said...

I agree with both of the above. I to discovered your books by accident and enjoyed the read very much. All but 2 are in the library so will have to try and track them down. Personally I am more prone to read the book if it is set in or about Australia but depending on the era would enjoy England too

Gayle said...

I spent my childhood reading English novels and colouring English colonies in pink on maps. I enjoyed the novels immensely but now I am so glad to be able to read Australian contemporary and historical novels - and of course novels from other cultures and countries as well.

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