Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Good News Day

Not only has the weather been fantastic - so hot that even I, the original sun-babe found it too much in the sun - but I've had a really good day. First, I got an email from someone I haven't seen since two years after leaving school, and I got to speak to her tonight. She doesn't sound as if she's changed much, still as mad as a hatter, for which I'm very grateful. We were a couple of gals in those days and constantly in trouble with our horrible old headmistress - who has since passed on - and it's nice to know that the spirit of those two young girls is still there behind the aches and pains of age and decrepitude! We spent an hour and a half trying to catch up on the lost years, which of course wasn't nearly long enough, so the next plan is to meet up. That could be a problem, I'm rarely in the country or not writing, and she's a busy wife, mother, holiday letting person and grandma. But we will do it - and not before time!
The other nice thing that happened today was that I found out when Legacy will come out. For all my fans, that will be in May 2008 in hardback, October in paperback, in the UK. I suspect it will be the same sort of time in Australia as well.
So, I can relax, enjoy the sun while it's out - evidently we'll be losing it again on Friday and have yet more rain - and generally sort myself out for the next book. I have realised it will take acres of research, but that's what I enjoy. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, weaving the tale, agonising over dates and ages....... Well, I enjoy most of it most of the time! I've had a nice day today - I hope you have too, and that tomorrow the sun will shine for you!

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