Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Most frequently asked questions by Swedish students

I get a great deal of mail from students in Sweden who seem to have been set a project on their favourite author. If they read this website, they should have enough information about me, and as I really don't have too much spare time to reply to each and every one of them, I thought I would do a short biography here.
I was born in Launceston, Tasmania, on 25th February 1948.
I moved with my mother and grandmother to Devonport when I was a few months old, and remained there until I was ten.
My grandmother adopted me when I was six, and as she was English and wanted to return home, she took me with her. I attended an all-girl's school in the UK which I hated, but nevertheless made many friends, with whom I am still in touch.
I trained as a secretary, worked for a few years, got married, had three children and then got divorced. I remarried, divorced again, and am now married to 'im indoors who I met when I was fifteen. Three children, three husbands, there is a pattern there somewhere.
I began to write when I was forty, and by the time I was forty-six had had my first book published. It was a psychological thriller, as was the following one. In 1998 I returned to Australia for the first time since I'd left, wrote Matilda's Last Waltz, and the rest is history. I get my inspiration from the dramatic scenery of Australia, from the people who cared for me as a child, and from the stories that I hear on my travels. I don't claim to be a literary author, but hopefully a popular one. I live in the south of England with 'im indooors who will remain nameless as he's already quite conceited enough - and we have two cats, five children and four grandchildren between us. I have five out of the six wardrobes in our bedroom - a large part of which is filled with shoes and handbags. Him indoors has the spare bedroom wardrobe, the bedroom chair, floor and bed etc., on which to hang his clothes.
My writing day begins at ten - I don't do early mornings - and goes on until six or half past. I work Monday to Friday, unless under a deadline, and don't limit myself to numbers of pages or words. I let it flow, and if it isn't, then I stop and do something else until it does!

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