Tuesday, 2 June 2009

camels, tombs, temples and bakshish

Hi there to you all on this glorious English day. It's sunny - yes, the sun does appear in England - and we have just experienced almost a whole week of summer with temperatures reaching the high eighties - or for you younger ones, that's about thrity something. Never did get the hang of it, and it sounds so much more impressive if it's eighty rather than thirty, don't you think?
I digress. Him indoors took me to Egypt where it really is hot - in the hundreds by breakfast time and rising as fast as they can pour rum and cokes over ice. I'm very brown, now frantically trying to keep the tan with buckets of body creams. We went up the Nile - or is that down, from Luxor to Aswan and back again. Hot, hot, hot - but unfortunately the belly dancer who performed for us in cabaret was only luke warm. She was more interested in the bar manager and spent most of her time flirting with him or talking to her musicians. Tepid round of applause followed and she stomped off in high dudgeon.
PAUL AND CHRIS, have lost the bit of paper with your address and phone number on. REPLY TO THIS!
The temples were beautiful and quite what I expected them to be - but I didn't bargain on the ubiquitous arab appearing from behind every pillar and post wanting to show me something. The wink and nod and the leer was warning enough, so I steered clear. Him indoors is far too polite and ended up on numerous occasions having to hand out backshish (I think that's how you spell it) for the honour of having a 'lucky eye' pointed out, or some engraving from 1904. Anyway, most of it was lovely - it was too hot really, and I must have drunk gallons of water - which was a shame, because when it came to alcohol it was really too hot and one got very tiddly after just three or four. Quite ruined my reputation!
I digress - again. My Brissie friend, how are you? Hope all is well and that you're enjoying reading Legacy. Yes, it does follow on - but don't reveal the plot on here PLEASE!
To the ladies from Holland and France - my books are now translated in both languages - more in Dutch, admitedly, but we're getting there.
My daugher is in Australia at the moment. She upped sticks, rented out her flat and set off to visit her brother in Thailand before descending on her other brother in Buderim. Now she's in Brisbane, the Redhill area, and has started work at Strathpine Hospital. She has lots of interviews to go to and is looking forward to at last being able to enjoy being in Australia now all the paperwork is completed. I miss her, but at least, unlike her brother Wayne, she does keep in touch. HINT TO WAYNE. WRITE TO YOUR MOTHER. I COULD HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED IN EGYPT AND SOLD OFF TO THE SLAVE TRADE!
I jest. I'm not worth enough camels.
Tombs are creepy, aren't they? Did you like that change of topic? Slick, eh? We went to Abu simbel (I think that's right, forgive my ignorance) and I had a very creepy moment in one of the side bits. It was deep, narrow and low-ceilinged, and I could hear chanting, or humming, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. I was out of there like greased lighting. Him indoors wasn't impressed. He heard nothing, felt nothing and just wanted to sit down.
Thanks for all your blog replies. Keep them coming. I'm working really hard at the moment on the book, in the hope I won't have to work through the summer - if we get one. Stay safe, keep smiling, and don't let the b******s get you down. Tamara