Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Mothers and daughters

My lovely girl left home to live in Australia for a year, and I missed her terribly. We don't see a lot of each other even though she is less than an hour's drive away - but knowing she was on the other side of the world left a huge void. I've always advised my three children to be adventurous, to see the world and not get stuck in a rut - I just didn't think they would take me so literally! One is in Australia, married with two son - the other is in Thailand, unmarried, but having a wonderful time, and now my darling daugher has cleared off to the other side of the world and left me - the only Australian born one in this part of the family, high and dry in England.
But she came back. Oh, the joy of seeing her again, of hearing her adventures instead of reading them on her facebook - seeing her photos and being able to laugh and chat like old times. I know parents have to let their children go - it would be far too selfish to pin them down out of loyalty and emotional blackmail, and it's the hardest thing to do without crying - but the joy of them returning, so mature, alive, full of plans for the future - it's worth every salty teardrop! Our relationship has changed, deepened and strengthened because of that long parting - and although she might disappear again, I know that just because she's not close she's still thinking of me. Mothers and daughters eh?