Friday, 16 April 2010

Under a cloud

Firstly, thank you to Tracey and Brigitte for commenting on my blogs. I have lots of favourite books and authors, at the moment I'm readin Penny Vincenzie - love them! It seems I'm not the only one who suffers from an 'im indoors! The organization of the Thailand trip was left entirely in his hands, so I have no-one else to blame but myself. It sounded so romantic, a night boat to Koh Tao, would even make a great title for a book - the reality was somewhat of a let down, but it was an adventure, and when I'm old and grey - in about five minutes - I can look back and laugh about it!
The cloud I'm under has come over the UK from Iceland. Poor devils, as if they haven't had enough problems in the past year what with going bankrupt! All airports are shut down, the ferries and trains are doing a roaring trade, and all we need now is for the French to go on strike so no-one can get of this small, overpopulated island. I can't think why they haven't already struck - they are usually superb at doing so right at the most inconvenient moment - I do with the British were the same.
The cloud has yet to arrive here in the south - we had white stuff come down, but it was frost! Charming at this time of the year when all the bedding plants are struggling for survival.
Talking of clouds, 'im indoors has a bad back!!!!! I'll say no more!!!!!


Brigitte said...

Yeah well, the French, or part of the French workers, are on strike.
The SNCF (national railway company) is partially on strike all over the country. Worse in the South, around Marseille as usual, and also the suburban trains in the Paris area;
I know because my train was cancelled this morning!

Luckily for you the Eurostar is not affected....yet.
Actually they have added more trains to get people back home.

Kay said...

hi, i have just found your Blog ..after reading you wonderful 3 books Land Beyond the Sea, A kingdom for the Brave and daughter and I loved them..we were wondering if there will be a 4th one in the series?? We just couldn't put them down...but we didn't want them to finish either>> so this is my first time 'commenting on a blog'..but you are fantastic i just had to contact you !!!I loved hearing about you adventure in Thailand...we too had a family 'adventure holiday' in south america in January,,so i know what you mean..not everything goes as you expect..that is actually when we started your helped me through a 7hour wait in the airport in Asuncion, Paraguay..while we waited for a connection to La Paz..thank goodness i could feel like i was in the past with Jonathon and Susan...and not in a filthy airport with nothing to do!!!Anyway now i will look forward to following you here,that is if and when you have time from all your other wishes Kay

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