Tuesday, 7 September 2010


I wouldn't have minded so much, but I hadn't even had a drink! There I was, lying in bed, doing nothing more harmful than trying to get to sleep when WHAM!!!! I turned over and felt exceedingly dizzy. I carefully moved my head. There it was again. Oh, gawd, I've had this before and it is definitely not fun.
Obviously knackered because I fell asleep despite 'im indoors snoring for England - but woke next morning, fell over when I tried to get up and just about made it to the bathroom before I was horribly and violently ill. Not nice! Poor 'im indoor didn't quite know what to do - he offered his services as a leaning post, which was gratefully received, but I couldn't eat or drink a thing and was sentenced to spending the next five days on the couch. Doctor called in labryinthitis - I call it getting drunk but without the fun and alcohol. Actually it's put me off the drink! Weird. I could barely touch a drop the other day - and I'd come off the pills, so there was no excuse really.
I'm rambling.
As usual.
We're back from Cornwall where I managed to persuade him indoors he didn't need to spend the entire time gardening - we ate and drank and walked and caught up with friends, which is so much nicer. Mick, if you're reading this, I love you really.
So, it's back to work. Head is fine, stomach is fine. Still not interested in booze, and even the cigarettes are beginning to pall. Perhaps this is another phase in my life where I shall become a saintly non-smoking tea-totaller, who is also slim, gorgeous and absolutely successful in everything I do.
Dream on Tamara.