Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Hi there, it's been a while I know, but things have been going on, and writing a blog is the last thing I've had time for.
My last two years have been full of drama and so you'll have to excuse my lack of information over that time. Firstly, I've been writing as if my life depended upon it - and it has really, for without writing I would be a nightmare to live with. Him indoors has enough to put up with without this really scary woman with nothing better to do than housework, shopping, cleaning etc., getting a bee in her bonnet about the washing up, the muck on the floor, the lack of help etc. He's really happy when I'm writing, because I can't see what he's up to, don't notice the cargo nets of spider webs hanging beautifully from the ceiling and don't care if the cat has been sick on the carpet. Our cat is always being sick - he keeps catching things in the fields, eating them and then depositing them in the most inconvenient place in the house. We woke up one night and he was throwing up on the end of our bed. Needless to say we didn't sleep very well after that as we had to chuck all the bedclothes off and sleep in our dressing gowns. Not much fun when it's two degrees below freezing. Needless to say, the cat was booted out of the bedroom.
But two years of living dangerously? Let me explain. The world of writing is a very strange one, and the sort of living one doesn't take lightly, for any minute now it will bite your bottom and pull you up short. I was having a bit of trouble - a bit like Frank in Some Mothers do Have Them - when I was offered the chance to write something really different. The promise of a series of six books turned my head and off I went into unknown territory. I wrote a synopsis. It was turned down. I wrote another, another, another and yet another. Everyone was at breaking point, and then things clicked and off I went, happily writing away as Ellie Dean. And would you know it - I had some success - I really enjoyed writing these books. But now I have to switch off Ellie Dean and get back to Tamara Mckinley. Not easy - in fact almost impossible. But I will do it. I will, I promise. I really, really will.