Monday, 28 May 2012

You never know who might be watching....

Just spoke to someone I used to know when I was about eleven or twelve.   This is great, but it does remind me of how ancient I'm getting.
Being an author is an odd thing - I think I've said this before - you go along, stuck in your office minding your own business when you get a letter or an email from someone you've lost contact with.   I was even doing a book signing once when this lady came up to me, and she obviously knew me, and my familiy - but when she told me who she was married to, it all became clear.   Life is funny, isn't it?   But in this age of digital inquisitiveness, it's quite surprising who knows what you're doing!


Summer has arrived and as we swelter in this heatwave, it's almost like being back home in Australia.  Which is good, because I've just finished writing my latest Ellie Dean tiltle, and now must start working on a synopsis for my next Australian based novel.   I'm calling it Firestorm, so the heat will help me to live through it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


To those of you who don't know, THE OCEAN CHILD is now exclusively in English as an e-book and can be downloaded on all that wonderful technical wizzardry.   It's set in Tasmania where I was born, and the cover is a photograph of me on Bluff Beach when I was about 2 or 3.   I hope you enjoy it.


I had a day off yesterday with lunch and drinks sitting in the rare sunshine.   One always has to get out there when the sun shines, it could be our summer, and therefore too precious to miss.   Now it's the next day and I'm in my office again - the sun has gone in, the rain is threatening and I have more work to do than every before.   Three books to be written in one year?   Offspring and husband demanding attention - shopping, cooking etc.,  Yes, I'm having a moan.   But now I've written it down I feel better.  Let me know how you cope when the world seems to want a piece of you and is spinning out of control.